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Guyana’s XM Royal Gold 10-year-old Rum has received top rating at an international tasting event in London.XM Royal Gold 10-Year-Old produced, bottled and exported by Banks DIH Ltd. registered the highest score as bartenders and industry experts evaluated 12 rums from Central and South America at a blind tasting event held at London rum emporium Cotton’s recently.Each spirit was evaluated on appearance, aroma, flavour and finish,Discount NFL Jerseys, with marks out of 100 awarded for balance and complexity and XM Royal Gold top scored with 81 points.Chris Seale,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Managing Director of Specialty Brands,China Jerseys, distributors of the product in the United Kingdom, said he was delighted with the brand’s performance.“Our range of spirits doesn’t feature big-name brands, but the spirits in it are chosen for their high quality and consistently perform well in blind tasting such as this,” he added. They are perfect for enthusiasts who want to take their appreciation of rum to the next level.”George McDonald, Banks DIH Ltd. Marketing Director,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, said that he was extremely pleased by the news coming out of the United Kingdom on the performance of XM Royal Gold, one of the world’s finest rums.“This is extremely good news for us as we continue in our quest to penetrate the UK market,Jerseys Wholesale,” he added.XM Royal Gold 10-year-old has won several industry awards and been described as the “cognac of rums”. Aged for more than nine years in oak bourbon casks,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the component rums are then blended and aged for a further six months in sherry casks to achieve an optimum finish.

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