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作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-4-16 21:42     標題: Authentic Adidas Hockey Jerseys China The panel was sworn in last Thursday

The stench from the carcass of a dead donkey brought the proceedings in the Berbice High Court to a sudden halt,NFL Jerseys Outlet, yesterday.After first adjourning court for 15 minutes to determine the source of the stench,Cheap Jerseys China, Justice Brassington Reynolds presiding in the Liverpool murder trial resumed proceedings,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, but had to adjourn again, this time for the day after one of the jurors complained of feeling unwell, due to the unbearable stench.The judge said that he doesn’t want to jeopardise the health of any one, thus he brought the proceedings to an early end.On retrial is murder accused, Alfred Campbell, called Sobers. It finally got underway on Monday in the Berbice High Court before Justice Brassington Reynolds and a mixed jury, The panel was sworn in last Thursday, but an adjournment was subsequently taken to allow the state appointed Defence Counsel attorney at law Charrandas Persaud enough time to get himself properly acquainted with the case.Campbell who is accused of shooting to death his stepson,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Travis Cleon Fraser, called “Black Boy”, is being tried for the second time. He was previously found guilty of the capital offence and sentenced to death, on March 3, 2008.He appealed his conviction and won a retrial in the Appellate Court.The victim was allegedly shot to death some time between January 22 and January 23, 2004, while he was asleep in his Liverpool, Corentyne home.On the witness stand on Monday was Pamela Fraser, 44,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, of Liverpool, Corentyne, the mother of the deceased and reputed wife of the accused.She told the court that she had known the accused for over 14 years and had bore him four children.On the fateful night she was in her house sleeping. She said that she was awakened by the accused calling. When she got up the accused was already in the house. He had a long gun and a flashlight.She said that she immediately began to call for one of her sons,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, but was told by the accused, “I done f…. he up already”.She said that she then looked at the bed and saw one of her sons lying on the bead and he appeared to be dead. He had a hole about 2 ½ inches in circumference on his right side chest. She shook him but he did not respond.  She then opened the door and ran outside, with the accused chasing after her.Under cross examination, Attorney at law Charrandass Persaud said the witness said that she lives in an old wooden, one-bedroom house which she still occupies. She added that the bedroom has two beds.Most of the bottom half of the back door is missing. The house doesn’t have electricity. There is a lamp which is kept in the bedroom.The other part of the house is illuminated by the neighbour’s house. She said that the house is so old that the boards have large cracks and spaces, allowing the neighbour’s light to shine brightly in her house.The witness was still being cross examined when court had to be adjourned due to the odor caused by a dead donkey.The matter is expected to continue today.

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