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Despite numerous calls for road users to be more vigilant, accidents continue to occur with every passing day. The latest road accident occurred yesterday afternoon when a minibus hit a pedal cyclist at Vlissengen Road, Bourda.Kevin MarshallThe injured cyclist has been identified as 13-year-old Kevin Marshall, of 123 Regent Road, Bourda, a student of Central High School.According to eyewitnesses,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Marshall was riding his bicycle when the bus, attached to the National Communications Network (NCN), hit the back wheel of the lad’s bicycle, throwing him onto the road, where he reportedly hit his head on a boulder.  He sustained massive head injuries and was, up to last evening, on life support machines at the Intensive Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.The vehicle,Anthony Steen Dolphins Jersey, PLL 42,Cheap Jerseys Online, was reportedly driven by Dennis Yarris. Officers from the Office of the President, opposite where the accident occurred at around 17:30 hrs,Cheap Jerseys Online, rushed to the scene and assisted the injured Marshall in getting to the hospital.In tears at the hospital last evening, Marshall’s mother,Anders Nilsson Jersey, Carlotta Kerr, said she had cautioned her son against going on the road yesterday. “I tell he stay inside because he got school tomorrow, and I don’t even know when he leave the house.”The woman lamented that Marshall’s father succumbed to an accident some eleven years ago.The woman said that she was washing clothing when she received the message that her son had just being involved in an accident.She immediately rushed to the hospital, where upon seeing her son at the Accident and Emergency Unit, the woman became inconsolable. “Oh God, don’t take my only son now!” she begged.According to the statement given to the police by the driver, the boy failed to stop at the intersection at Regent Street and Vlissengen Road, and came into contact with the bus.Marshall was admitted to the hospital with massive head injuries, but was later taken to the St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital for a CT scan to ascertain the severity of his injures.  The driver of the minibus is assisting police with investigations.And in a separate accident, fifty-one-year-old Desmond Mitchell, of 104 Third Street, Agricola, was yesterday admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in an unconscious state after he was hit by motor car PDD 1788 driven by Keith Peters.The injured Desmond Mitchell arrives at the hospital in an unconscious state.According to the driver of the car, he was travelling east along Norton Street when Mitchell,Cheap Jerseys, who was on his motorcycle, drove into his path. The driver said he tried his best to avoid the accident. Peters said that he immediately rushed the injured man to the hospital, where he was admitted in a critical condition.Eyewitnesses said that Mitchell was thrown some distance away from the vehicle and landed head-first onto the road.However, friends of the injured man who were present at the hospital refuted the driver’s version of the accident.One friend, who claimed to be on the scene at the time of the accident, said that Mitchell was riding in the corner when the car just “pick him up.” He claims that the driver of the car was speeding. Sources at the hospital told this newspaper that the victim received massive head injures and doctors at the institution are battling to save his life. He is presently a patient of the intensive care unit.

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