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作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-4-16 23:58     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys and was released on $500

A businesswoman accused of taking her jobless female in-law to French Guiana- an overseas region of France– and forcing her into prostitution has refuted the allegation, insisting that she took the woman there to take care of her young daughter.The woman, Sharlene Oxley, 51, of Lot 208 Pattensen, East Coast Demerara is facing trial before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for engaging in Trafficking in Person (TIP).It is alleged that she recruited, transported and harboured the woman for the purpose of sexual exploitation.The woman was at the time in a relationship with her brother’s stepson.Oxley made her first court appearance on September 14, last,, and was released on $500,000 bail. Oxley is being represented by Dexter Todd; the virtual complainant is in protective custody at the Ministry of Social Protection.During a testimony, the VC revealed that she was taken to Cayenne, French Guiana on June 4, by the defendant where she was forced to engage in sexual activities with men for £40.She recalled that she was advised by Oxley to bleach her skin and wear a wig to alter her appearance. The VC told the court that she felt stifled and controlled by Oxley, who told her to become a prostitute. She said she complied because she felt afraid but thought about returning to Guyana every day.According to the VC, Oxley told her that if she tried leaving, French Authorities would detain and deport her because she did not have any legal documents. The VC recounted being slapped by Oxley and going alone on the streets to do “business” (prostitution).She said that Oxley let go of her in August and she travelled back to Guyana where she made a report to the Ministry of Social Protection,Cheap Jerseys Store, TIP Department and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, Oxley during a testimony maintained that she carried the woman to Cayenne to look over her daughter,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, while she returned to Guyana.In fact, Oxley told the court that she in unaware if prostitution takes place in Cayenne, although she has been residing there for the past 26 years. The defendant denied receiving €219 from the VC, monies she earned from prostitution.The VC had mentioned that she had done “business” (prostitution) on the ‘Gimme Gimme’ Corner. But the defendant described this corner as a business place where persons trade clothing, wigs, and sandals among other things daily.Oxley was at time being grilled with questions under cross examination by Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers, when the matter continued on Thursday, last in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.She admitted to Prosecutor Jeffers that she transported the woman to Cayenne illegally. Oxley explained that a visa is required for legal entry into the country, and since the VC had none they entered the country via the back track route.When asked by the Prosecutor if she showed the VC the path back to the border,China NFL Jerseys, Oxley replied in the negative; stating that she never got the chance to do so because the woman moved out of her home.Oxley was also asked if she sent the woman she allegedly trafficked to learn French. In response, she recalled teaching the VC several French terms, and that they would from time to time communicate in English.She added that although French is the country’s native language almost everyone speaks English,Kurt Warner Cardinals Throwback Jersey, since the language is taught in each school. According to Oxley, prior to the VC moving to Cayenne she was unaware if she knew persons in the country and denied introducing her to prostitutes.This trial continues on November 22.(Feona Morrison)

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