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Detectives in the Region Two district, (Pomeroon Supernaam) have been dispatched to investigate more acts of piracy in the high seas off the tip of Guyana.Reports emanating from law enforcement officers have confirmed that five boats were stripped of all of their equipment, while two fishermen were badly beaten, sustaining injuries to their mouth and other parts of their bodies.  The injured fishermen are currently patients at the Oscar Joseph Hospital,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, at Charity.Police have reported that six masked men,Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys, armed with cutlasses and guns carried out the attack.The men, the report added, were all adorned in raincoats.The fishermen were stripped of their boat engines, gasoline, fish, GPS system and fish glue.Lachmi Dindyal,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, the wife of one of the boat owners, said that early Friday morning she received a call from a fisherman, who was fishing alongside her husband’s vessel.She said that the man proceeded to tell her that one of her boats was missing and the seine was seen floating in the Atlantic.Mrs. Dindayal stated that contrary to what the police was implying, she learnt that 15 boats were attacked.Haresh, another fisherman who usually plies the Atlantic, said he did not venture out to the sea,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, due to the incident.The fisherman who is a member of the Co-op Society and whose boat was robbed in December 2011 of over 1000 thousand pounds of brand new seine, said the situation involving pirates robbing fishermen at sea is a serious one, which needs immediate attention.He said Ministers have promised to mobilize the Coastguards in the deep sea, but that is only an unfulfilled promise.“We need more action and less talk from these politicians.”He said that the piracy situation needs the involvement of all of the political leaders, not just one section,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, to augur immediate relief to suffering fishermen.He stressed that the fishermen have already allocated a spot in Pomeroon,Authentic Atlanta Falcons Jersey, where police can erect a police outpost to engage with the prevalent issue.

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