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標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys former CLICO Building [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-5-16 13:53     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys former CLICO Building

The Guyana Revenue Authority yesterday stated that its operations at the General Post Office (GPO) Building will be relocated to its new Headquarters (former CLICO Building) at 200 -201 Camp Street,Sale NFL Jerseys, Georgetown,NBA Jerseys China, effective Monday.This move will result in a disruption of services that were offered to the public from GPO’s location. These services are the issuance of Certificates of Compliance, Liability Statements,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Debt Management Operations,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, payment of Estate Duties and other taxes.Additionally,China Jerseys Free Shipping, with immediate effect,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, payment of taxes will no longer be facilitated at the GPO location. The general public will now have to visit GRA’s Headquarters on Camp Street to make all tax payments.GRA’s new HeadquartersThe Refunds Unit and the Objections and Appeals Section have already been relocated to Camp Street.

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