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作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-5-17 02:47     標題: Cheap Jerseys 100 property of Zhan Ye Liang

Selwyn Lancaster, 34,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, was placed on $200,000 when he appeared in the Christianburg Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday last to answer to a charge of simple larceny.It was alleged that Lancaster, on May 7,Cheap Jerseys China, 2011 stole a quantity of clothing worth $386,500 and a quantity of haberdashery amounting to $320,China NFL Jerseys,600 total value $707,100 property of Zhan Ye Liang,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the proprietor of the Chinese clothing store recently destroyed by fire on Republic Avenue.The charge was indictable so Lancaster was not required to plead.Attorney Gordon Gilhuys who appeared on Lancaster’s behalf had sought bail for his client since last week, but the request was denied,China Jerseys Cheap, by Magistrate Anne McClennan.After bail was granted on Tuesday, Lancaster was ordered by the court to report to the McKenzie Police Station once a week until the completion of the trial.He is due to return to court on July 12, 2011 when the trial will commence.Lancaster had resided in the Upper Flat of the two-storey building on Republic Avenue Linden, which was recently destroyed by fire.The building housed two businesses on the bottom flat- a Chinese haberdashery and Linden’s Digicel/Cell Smart outlet. He was detained by ranks of the Mackenzie Police Station the day following the fire after allegations were made against him by the proprietor of the Chinese Store. The store owner had filed a complaint against Lancaster, claiming that the accused had been pilfering items from the store over a prolonged period. It was later confirmed that the proprietor had provided investigators with a surveillance tape backing up his claims.According to some reports Lancaster and the proprietor had a confrontation the night before the fire. The Chinese national had told him that he was going to the Police to file a complaint against him (Lancaster).Subsequent to the fire, police raided an apartment in Wismar Street,China Jerseys Free Shipping, Mackenzie Linden and unearthed a large quantity of clothes, cell phones and other items which was suspected to be stolen from the Chinese Store and Digicel.The apartment was once used by Lancaster to facilitate Information Technology Classes according to reports.Lancaster had told investigators that he had purchased the items but that the receipts were destroyed in the fire.Lancaster was reportedly not at home when the fire occurred.

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