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Three armed bandits managed to escape with over $3M after a robbery at the Akbar Auto Sales and Furniture Store on North Road,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Online, Bourda in Georgetown.This newspaper was told that the entire robbery was caught on camera. Up to press time technicians were reviewing the surveillance camera. This was the third time that the business was robbed.Yesterday,wholesale jerseys, three staff members were held at gunpoint in the accounts department of the store and forced to hand over $3 million in cash.  One of the employees Azim Baskh,Cheap China Jerseys, was beaten in the head with a gun. He was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital and sent away.The robbery took place close to 15:00 hours as the business place was preparing to wrap up its operations for the day.According to reports the accounts department is located on the third floor of the three-storeyed building. The ground floor is used for the sale of furniture. The middle flat is used for record keeping and storage.According to an eyewitness,Cheap Jerseys From China, the three men walked into the store asking for the accounts department. Once in the accounts department,Air Max 98 Gundam 2018, the staff members were held at gunpoint. One female staffer handed over the money.The three men then calmly walked away from the building. It was unclear whether a vehicle was waiting on them. Kaieteur News was told that the police arrived quickly at the scene.

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