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作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-2-13 22:52     標題: Wholesale Jerseys Cheap later Wednesday evening. “Lennox and Abdul

A Danielstown, Essequibo family is now in mourning, following the death of a teenaged loved one, as a result of a hit-and-run accident.Dead is 16-year-old, Manclik Matthews called Jomo,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, a fifth form student of the Cotton Field Secondary.The accident occurred at about 0050hrs yesterday on the La Belle Alliance Public Road.According to police, the teenager and two other boys were on pedal cycles proceeding along the roadway, when a motor vehicle collided with them. The vehicle was then driven away.Matthews received injuries and was taken to the Suddie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.According to grieving relatives, Matthews along with his two friends, Lennox Marks and Abdul Sakleen,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, were making their way to their separate homes, when the tragedy occurred.In an interview with this newspaper, Omica Alphonso, the deceased lad’s sister said she last saw her brother yesterday Wednesday morning, before he left for an annual Church outing at around 17:30hrs, with a team from the Coffee Grove Wesleyan Church.The aggrieved Alphonso said she learnt of her brother’s “other trip” he made with his friends,holesale Soccer Jerseys, later Wednesday evening. “Lennox and Abdul,NFL Jerseys Cheap, along with Manclik left Danielstown for Anna Regina,Cheap Jerseys USA, to view the annual Mashramani float parade,” she recounted.According to Alphonso,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Matthews and Marks are cousins and Marks was the one who conveyed the sad news to the family. In his revelation, Marks reportedly them that the three friends were cycling when they were all struck down from behind by an errant driver, who drove away from the scene without rendering assistance.Manclik, who experienced the brunt of the hit, since he was aback of the others, died before receiving medical attention. The other two boys sustained bruises on various parts of their bodies.Marks, who also spoke to this newspaper, said all he could remember of the accident is Matthews’s body being flung into the air and subsequently retrieved from a nearby trench.“After I realized my cousin was severely hurt, I cried out to neighbours Auntie, Auntie help, but everyone just peeped and did not come out of their homes to render any assistance,” Marks related.Manclik Matthews is survived by his mother Debbie, eight siblings, and his Grandmother, Sybil.

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