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– GWIAccording to the Chief Executive at Guyana Water Incorporated, Yuri Chandisingh, some residents in the housing scheme of Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara are oblivious to the fact that they are wasting water.He said that this wastage, in turn, negatively affects other residents in the area, and may cause the lowering of the water pressure throughout the housing scheme. Apart from the wastages, another major challenge that GWI faces is leakages.A GWI official repairing a broken main in the Diamond area last SundayHe said that a team from the GWI is currently working on the leakages in the area,Cheap Jerseys, and is urging the residents in the community to report any such occurrence that they have observed in their area.Chandisingh described the wastage situation in the area as “astronomical” in nature, adding that “it is quite a criminal offence,” when some of the residents let the water flow freely into a canal that is found in the area.He recalled that on his last visit to the area (Sunday) he and his team had come across one resident in the area that had a damaged service line, which allowed the water,Wholesale China Jerseys, which moves at a high pressure within the pipes, to flow directly into the canal.After questioning the resident, Chandisingh deduced that most of the GWI customers in the area had been without regularised water for so long that they do not realise that the area is now supplied with water by a newly commissioned well.When asked of the capabilities of the current pressures within the pipes of the GWI’s water networks, Chandisingh said that at present the water flows at an exceptionally high level. He added however that the pressure decreases because of the numerous leaks within the network, and the amount of people relying on the network.Chandisingh also explained that the trace of ‘rust’ in the water is because the water is sourced from a well, which causes it to have a high iron consistency. The CEO however, said that iron content of the water is at a safe level.He added that something can be done about the iron content,Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys, but that this would cause for a treatment facility to be in place. He went on further to say that because of the current funds available,Cheap Jerseys From China, such a facility cannot be provided at this time.Aaron later pointed out that at this point in time, revenue collections are below the target for the year. He said that many people are of the opinion that because Guyana is the land of many waters, they are not required to pay for water.He then went on to explain that,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, whether or not Guyana is the land of many waters, the service of having the water delivered to individual homes needs to be paid for.“Water is a very critical part of life…think of how much it is going to cost to do without any,” said Aaron.In addition to this,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he said that should the GWI venture into a “disconnection campaign and reinforce the disconnection rule”, two thirds of the customers would be cut off because of their delinquency.

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