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標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China mutual benefit and common development.In the Paper [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-2-14 01:27     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys China mutual benefit and common development.In the Paper

The Chinese Government prepared a Policy Paper on the Caribbean and Latin American region on November 5 last. The document represents an important part of Chinese diplomacy to the region.A release issued by the People’s Republic of China explained that the Policy Paper provides a general review of the relations China has shared with the Caribbean and Latin American region.According to the Policy Paper,Wholesale Jerseys, “Latin America and the Caribbean have a long history, vast territory and abundant resources,Jerseys China Wholesale, and the region enjoys a good foundation for economic and social growth and huge development potential.”The Paper was issued by the Government of China with the hope of clarifying that country’s positive attitude on the development of relations with the Caribbean and Latin American region, so as to deepen cooperation and ultimately push relations forward.The Policy Paper stresses that it is China’s wish to build and develop a comprehensive and cooperative partnership with the Caribbean and Latin America, featuring equality, mutual benefit and common development.In the Paper, China also makes considerable propositions on ways to enhance cooperation and exchanges between China and the region, in both the political and economic fields. It also comments on cultural and social aspects, as well as peace, security and judicial affairs.The Policy Paper confirmed that the goals of China’s policy on Latin America and the Caribbean are: promoting mutual respect and trust and expanding on common ground; deepening cooperation and achieving win-win results; drawing on each other’s strengths to boost common progress and intensifying exchanges.The Paper stresses that relations between China and the Caribbean,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, in particular, have never been better, and notes that the Caribbean has been,NFL Jerseys China, “increasingly attaching importance to the relations with China.”Even though the Paper does not specifically mention Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Guyana was the first among the English-speaking Caribbean countries to establish diplomatic relations with China.The two countries have since enjoyed good relations, and have seen a frequent exchange of high-level visits and close cooperation in the international arena.There have also been a few major projects in economic and technological cooperation between China and Guyana, like the Guyana International Conference Centre. Previously, projects like the Bel-Lu Clay Brick Factory,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Model Duck-breeding Farm and Moco Moco Hydropower Station have been undertaken by the two nations.

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