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作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-3-14 02:54     標題: Cheap Jerseys we don’t want to continue the ordinary way

A new and improved mode of operation is being encouraged at City Hall that could very well be extendedTown Clerk of the G/town Municipality, Royston Kingto other sections of the country. And Town Clerk, Mr. Royston King, is prepared to lead the way.“We need to be more innovative, we need to begin to discover things…we need to move the Council and the City to another dimension,” said King as he addressed a recent forum at City Hall.King spoke of the possibility of the Georgetown municipality rendering support to areas such as Mabaruma, Lethem and Bartica, all of which are slated to be elevated to township status in the near future.“We need to do certain papers and do research in certain areas,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, in certain fields. We need to look at these things…What about us giving them some support? What about city administration?” questioned King.But King, who was placed at the helm of the municipality last year,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, made it clear that focus must not only be on offering external support. According to him, research and papers can be completed with a focus on improving the various departmental operations at City Hall.“We don’t want to continue the normal way, we don’t want to continue the ordinary way; we don’t want to continue the way that we are accustomed to. We want to push the boundaries of possibilities at the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown,” emphasised a passionate King, who even called for the odds to be defied.“There is an old saying ‘don’t hang your hat where your hands can’t reach’. But I have often said that I don’t believe in that, because if you do that and remain in your comfort zone then you will not develop,” asserted the Town Clerk.Moreover, he passionately challenged staffers of the Georgetown municipality “to move forward, and even as we move forward,NFL Jerseys From China, we do so in our minds, in our thinking… Move forward in the way we approach our responsibilities and our official duties in our various departments.”King shared too that some innovative experimental ideas could come from the Engineers’ Department to tackle issues with the drainage system.“We suffer from certain disasters such as floods for example. What is possible in the Engineers’ Department? What is possible in the Solid Waste Management (Department)?” asked King. He continued, “I say to you let us hang our hats where our hands can’t reach, so that we can stretch ourselves, develop and push the boundaries of what is possible. We need to see what is possible in engineering, in science, in environmental health, in public health, in solid waste management,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, in city administration…”King emphasised that in this time of global warming and globalisation and all that is happening in the world, Georgetown, as the capital of the nation, cannot afford to be left behind.“The people who will make the city go forward, the people who will make the city shine as glorious as the sun, those people are us…but to do that we have to push our boundaries,” King underscored.But part of the effort to improve the operation at City Hall is the need to remain focused. And King spoke of the need to remain particularly focused on the primary goal of providing quality services to the citizens of Georgetown which he described as “our ultimate duty and responsibility.” And this must be the passion of all level of workers even in the face of distractions,NFL Jerseys Cheap, King added.“Regardless of what you might be hearing, regardless of what people might be saying about you. It is not what people say about you, it is what you say and believe about yourselves – that is what will make the difference,NFL Jerseys Outlet,” King told an attentive gathering of staffers.

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