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標題: Wholesale China Jerseys De government had nuff shares in GT&amp [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1SqK    時間: 2018-3-14 02:56     標題: Wholesale China Jerseys De government had nuff shares in GT&amp

De government had nuff shares in GT&T and it use to mek money. Every year it use to collect millions of dollars. Dem boys know that when people mekking money from something dem don’t sell. But de government selling dem same shares.Dem boys seh that de government cut a deal wid dem Chinese and dem selling de same GT&T shares to de Chinese fuh a tidy sum. Somebody tell dem boys that de government gun get $5 billion,Cheap NFL Jerseys.What s behind this deal? People in Guyana ask fuh buy dem same shares and de government ignore dem. Nuff local business people want buy and de government refusing to sell. Dem boys believe that something wrang.Just like how dem know something wrang when de FBI guh pun a plane coming to Guyana and arrest a man who get nuff local assets from de same government. This man put on a businessman face and mek nuff friends inside de government.But de Man above don’t sleep,Cheap NFL Jerseys. He surely don’t wear pajamas,Wholesale Jerseys From China.Ed Ahmad come and talk big to dem ordinary people in this country,Wholesale Football Jerseys. He sit down in fuss class when de Feds walk pun de plane and put de handcuffs to he.Dem boys seh that same ay de Feds gun put dem hands pun plenty and dem boys know that fuh sure,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale.Talk half. Lef half,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic.

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