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People still talking bout Prado and dem even name a whole community Pradoville. That was time when Prado was de big thing. Today,Cheap Jerseys From China, dem boys gone bigger than Prado. Dem driving Lexus. But Pradoville sound better than Lexusville.But dem boys notice something else. Dem notice that de days when people use to show off wid big and fancy vehicle done. Dem boys showing off wid big house. Imagine a man build a house and when he want talk to he wife he got to call she pun de phone.Dem got some men who build big house and dem frighten because dem got to worry about looking fuh dem wife who might got other interest. That is because dem was too busy mekking money de wrang way and de woman was lonely. One of dem use to give he wife money fuh everything and she decide that she gun buy de thing that he wasn’t giving she.De problem was that she get suh accustomed to buying it that when he actually find some time to give her she tek out money to pay he.And now thing reach de stage wheh dem realize that de Good book was right. What does it profit a man to gain de whole world and lose he soul mate?Now dem boys can’t even see dem same money people. De drinks drying up and besides things reach de stage wheh dem wife now spending de money in de night clubs because de money deh and de husband ain’t got de energy.One man lose he wife. And he end up wid a street girl. He tek she to Trinidad wid a special charter and they had a good time till she come back. She using he money to get a better time.That is why dem boys seh that thieves never prosper.Talk half. Lef half.

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