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Two teenagers and an adult are alleging that they were beaten senseless by police officers on a dam and barely escaped with their lives in Sophia,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Thursday night.The victims Horace Paterlla, 17,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, of Lot 73 Block, ‘E’ Sophia; Kevin Leacock,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, also of Sophia; and Carlos Oliver, 37, also of Lot 73 Block, ‘E’ Sophia are alleging that they barely escaped with their lives since the officer who appeared to be intoxicate threatened to kill them after brutalizing them on a dam in Sophia.The two teenaged victims Horace Paterlla (right) and Kevin Leacock of SophiaAccording to the trio, shortly after eight Thursday night, while they were walking to the shop to purchase some items they saw a bright beam of light approaching from the opposite direction. It turned out to be a police vehicle.They said that they were summoned when they passed the vehicle. One of the policemen was in plainclothes, the other was in brown and another in black.“They then ask we where we live and carried we to our gate. And then the police in the plainclothes turn and say you big man going in the lock-ups,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,” Carlos Oliver said.According to one of the teenagers, Horace Paterlla, after the police drop them off at their home they were suspicious of the police when they carried away Oliver and decided to check where the police were carrying him.Paterlla said that they eventually saw another police patrol and told them what had transpired and these new ranks sent them into a dam to tell the other policemen to let Oliver go free.When Horace Paterlla and Kevin Leacock did what they were told the police patrol drove off. While delivering the message to the other policemen, they were met with a surprise of their lives.“The plainclothes policeman say that dem is policemen and he is an officer. Then I get one straight right to my jaw, another straight right and couple well upper cuts…The same thing he do Kevin. He tell we empty we pocket and then he tell me I got money. Then he start beating me again. He take away all of we money…He say he is an officer and a convict.“I gon shoot y’all but me serial number dey pon me nine’s,” they quoted him. “The man take away all we boots and tear open we slipper and all sort of things,” Paterlla said.Carlos Oliver said that the same officer then asked him much money he had in his wallet and he told him US$160 that he recently received. “He then take out everything from my wallet, then when he pull out my bank card he say oh alright me and you going to the bank! I said ‘No sir,China NFL Jerseys, this bank card break in the middle and can’t work. He then keep slapping me in the face and push my head into a post.”Paterlla recounted that he was made to strip and he received another cuff to the face. “I see stars. He then put all three of we to lie face down and stomp we head into the mud.”Adding that the entire ordeal happened out of the sight of residents on a dam, Paterlla said the police then said that he would have executed them with his gun that he was carrying in his waist.The lad further disclosed that he challenged them to run in an attempt to shoot them. “By the time he say run I done gone, and I jump over the trench and run to the East La Penitence Police station. Everybody gone by the time he said run.”He said the same policeman was seen in Sophia drunk and bragging to some residents that he beat up three men by himself. “I could identify the police rank anywhere.”The peeved mother of Horace Paterlla told this publication that the police took advantage on her son,Cheap NFL Jerseys, since they could enquired if the  boys were indeed living at the spot they claimed by calling out for the occupant of the house to justify.  The mother then produced the men’s respective hospital report.The trio said that the matter was reported to the East La Penitence Station and the police told them to return.When the East La Penitence Station was contacted a police woman said that she had no idea of any such report of persons being beaten by a police officer.

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