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The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU),Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, celebrating its 87th anniversary, believes that there are clear signs that current state of affairs is flawed and the union’s bargaining power is under threat.In its anniversary message from President Patrick Yarde, GPSU said that in a reflection of past decade, one of the foremost struggles on which the union will be focusing is to maintain and sustain the gains won – “a great sacrifice by those who came before us. These achievements and the foundations were laid for us to build upon.”GPSU noted that the public service in Guyana is beset by unacceptable trials.  These include the failure to appoint the Public Service Appellate Tribunal as prescribed in the Constitution of Guyana; the failure to adhere to the International Labour Organizations (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work; ILO Conventions ratified by the Guyana Parliament – Conventions 87,Wholesale Jerseys China, 98 and 151 and dealing with Freedom of Association and the Protection of the Rights to Organize , Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining, Labour Relations (Public Service), respectively.Additionally,China NFL Jerseys, there are some other glaring issues that need addressing. These include the failure by stakeholders to adhere to legally binding Collective Labour Agreements; the irregular displacement of traditional public servants by contract employees who are coerced not to join unions; the arbitrary and unlawful changing of workers’ conditions of service and the imposition of wages and salaries outside of the framework of the Collective Labour Agreement; the frustration and obstruction of trade union representation for public service employees transferred to semi-autonomous agencies and the reduction and elimination of benefits, gains and rights that were won through trade union negotiations.Further, there is the failure to treat workers fairly and to extend the rules of natural justice and due process to their cases; failure to adhere to non-discriminatory practices in the employment, promotion and appointment of personnel, (a glaring case is the refusal to appoint Ms. Genevieve Whyte-Nedd, to the post of Chief Education Officer of the Ministries of Education).“These are all clear signs that our state of affairs is flawed and the Union’s bargaining power is threatened.We are forced to defend the legacy of our creation and the cause of our existence by committing the crime standing steadfastly and fearlessly humane, fair and equal treatment for all against a regime that claims working class credentials but in practice and reality, the evidence will reveal, are discriminatory,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, divisive, act in conflict with working class principles and are oppressive and suppressive,” GPSU said.The union complained that it is forced to expend much energy to address manmade problems and obstacles at a time when the country is surrounded by many crises such as “those of economic,Cheap Jerseys Online, social and health and an impending colossal and unpredictable challenge – the environment.”These current, unavoidable challenges, require the full participation and meaningful contribution of all stakeholders working towards a common cause coordinated and guided by enlightened national leadership, the union urged.“It is against this standpoint that I appeal to all of our members and supporters to double efforts and work even harder to rectify any disunity or disloyalty, making quality inputs towards creating the necessary environment for the advancement of an effective Union.“GPSU is a symbol of collaboration among public service employees working towards high humanitarian ideals; it is also a symbol of the collective position of public employees that these ideals shall not be depreciated, tampered with or misrepresented by those managing our livelihood.”According to Yarde, GPSU will strive to renew the commitment given 87 years ago to be steadfast and unremitting in its efforts towards eradicating poverty and inequality.“My message on the occasion of this the 87th Anniversary of GPSU,China Jerseys Free Shipping, is one abounding in optimism and confidence because it is addressed to those many hard working women and men who have the same optimism and the same confidence for securing better means of maintaining their full dignity as human beings.”

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